Welcome to the Midwest Nano Infrastructure Corridor!


The Midwest Nano Infrastructure Corridor (MINIC) is a

resource for research in nanoscience and technology.


MINIC is a set of academic laboratories that helps researchers

                           -  develop new micro- and nanoscale devices

                           -  employ advanced chip packaging services

                           -  experiment with new 2-D materials

                           -  make and analyze nanoparticles

                           -  explore the intersection of nanotechnology and biology


MINIC labs are housed at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Minneapolis) and at North Dakota State University (Fargo).


Use this site to learn about our equipment, research facilities, technology expertise, and how to work with us.


MINIC is the upper Midwest node of the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure Network (NNCI), a network of sixteen nanotechnology research facilities around the country partially supported by the National Science Foundation.

The NNCI embraces diversity and welcomes, recruits, educates, employs, serves, and engages a diverse group of users, students, faculty, and staff with a wide variety of backgrounds, perspectives, interests, and talents, creating a community of teachers, learners, and researchers that exemplifies the best in all of us – in our intellectual pursuits, our diversity of thought, our personal integrity, and our commitment to excellence.


MINIC Short Courses

MINIC sponsors two annual short courses each summer that provide overviews of 2-D materials and the biomedical applicaitons of nanotechnology.


Held on June 6-7, 2019, the Nanomedicine short course featured seven speakers addressing nanoparticle drug delivery, nanotherapies, and nanostructured implants. Follow the link for presentation slides and videos.

2-Dimensional Materials

Held on June 13-14, 2019, the 2-D Materials Summer Program hosted eight speakers working in 2D material theory and experiment. Follow the link for presentation videos.