The Nanomaterials Lab allows researchers to make, modify, and analyze small-scale materials, including nanoparticles, nanorods and tubes, micron-scale particles, dry powders, and suspensions.  The lab offers a full complement of chemistry lab apparatus for particle synthesis, surface modification, separation, and filtration.

Research tools in the lab include

- A dynamic light scattering (DLS) analyzer for measuring size distributions for particles ranging from a few nanometers to ten microns in size

 - Zeta potential and isoelectric point measurement, for optimizing the stability of particle dispersions 

 - A laser diffraction particle analyzer to characterize size distributions for larger particles (100 nm up to 2000 microns), both suspensions and dry powders

 - A particle shape analyzer to characterize non-spherical particles: rods, fibers, flakes, and other 1-D and 2-D materials 

 - High quality optical microscopy and image analysis for particle counting and shape analysis

 - A controlled atmosphere glove box for protecting nanoparticles or other materials from oxygen and water

 - Full chemistry lab support, including a high purity water system, chemical storage, two 6 foot fume hoods, and chemical disposal.

DLS and Zeta Potential
PSD of TiO2
Laser Diffraction system