2D Materials Capabilities


Graphene Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

This system is configured to grow graphene on copper substrates using methane along with hydrogen and argon gases in a three-zone tube furnace. Foils are available in the MNC office.

Current capabilities: Single-layer graphene growth on up to 2 x 2 in2 Cu foils and techniques for graphene transfer onto a variety of substrates.   

Tool location: Area 1 of the Keller Hall cleanroom

Tool expert: Steven Koester.


Transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) growth

A custom tool that has two growth tubes configured for sulfides and selenides, along with a UHV transfer system to move samples between the tubes. The system is housed in a walk-in hood.

Current capabilities: MoS2 single crystal growth up to 470 µm on a side, MoS2 monolayer films up to 1 mm on a side, and WSe2 growth.                            

Tool Location: Bay 1 of the PAN cleanroom

Tool expert: Steve Koester


2D Material Processing Glovebox

This system allows users to transfer and align 2D materials in a low-oxygen environment.

Current capabilities: Long working distance microscope, micro-positioner and transfer stage, spinner, hot plate, and sample transfer chamber.

Tool location: Bay 1 of the PAN cleanroom.

Tool experts: Steven Koester and Mo Li


Graphene CVD System

Graphene CVD deposition system

TMD System

System for growing TMD films

Glovebox for 2D Materials

Glovebox for processing 2D Materials.